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Dear Reader, 
Let me begin by saying that we are all in search of truth, inner healing, wholeness, peace-of-mind, a better life, and relief from the boiling pressures of this stormy rat-race life. With over 7.5 Billion people on planet earth asking the same 5 major burning questions there is no wonder that we are all lost and bewildered.  

Here Are The 5 "Big" Questions

  • Who am I? (Personal Identity)
  • How did we get here onto planet Earth?
  • What's my purpose for being here?
  • Is there life after death?
  • What's my eternal destiny? ..
These are the questions that our thoughts day and night.   Thought Rules The World! 

The fact is... Our thought rules the world, because what you think about, you speak about and what you speak about, you bring about! 

We must first “Be” before we can “Do” and we can “Do” only to the extent that we “Are” and what we “Are” depends upon what we “Think” for as a man “Thinks” in his “Heart” so is he. Proverbs 23:7 

“Rowing a boat is easy. Rowing a boat to the right destination is what needs to be thought about. If you’re feeling frustrated, lost, or stuck in a rut...This “CARD-A-DAY” Strategy is the fastest, easiest, tried and proven way to solve your problems and get you to your final destination safely”

What you will learn from these cards?

Discover your true self-identity.

Discover how to manifest from the perspective of eternal self. 

Break the chains that have been holding you back.

Discover and release energy blocks that are holding you back for achieving your dreams.

Learn to understand and activate your thoughts to reach your goals.

Learn to relieve anxiety, depression, and become calmer and more grounded.

Discover your internal being and how its speaking to you.

Discover how to raise your vibrations to challenge your old thinking about success.

Create better health in your body.

Learn to work through past trauma,  shadows that don't serve you and connect to your spirtual guides.

Discover how to manifest more money into your life through your thoughts.

Discover how to manifest more money into your life without spending hours meditating.

Here's what the people are saying about these cards...

"I did 15 years in a penitentiary. These 52 card decks of knowledge, wisdom and understanding have transformed my life, eased my troubled mind and given me hope for my future. Thank you so much for all your help Brian.”
~ Dillon
“This is a very simple, unique way to renew your mind daily and transform your life in just 52 weeks. Absolutely Brilliant” 
~ John Wicks
“My life was in total chaos. Since going through these cards, things are really turning around for me. Thanks Brian!” 
~ Katherine Lowe
“What an amazing eye opener. It really helped me with many things I had wrong in my thinking” 
~ Debbie Jensen



As a Professionally Trained Card Shark I've made over $4,000,000 by age 24! Playing the "peripheral edges" of the Mafia to help them knock off the BIG games. Sending my life in a downward spiral to becoming suicidal. Then just seconds away of pulling the trigger the divine intervention stepped in causing me to walk away from millions of dollars a year and helping millions of people.
From this most powerful spiritual experience, and I was delivered “instantly” from my depression, darkness, hopelessness, and found my purpose out of my mess leading me here.  To help you now.  

For the past 45 years after discovering my purpose my passion has been helping others battling depression, addictions, suicidal thoughts, and getting control of their thought life back!
My words to you are, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that  created it, that’s why Christ's mindset changes the whole game” leading you to become a winner, not a victim of circumstance.   I have shared my story with tens of thousands of people through entertaining and an engaged experience ultimately  helping them turn their “mess” into a “MESS-AGE”...of hope, in a world of chaos, misery, confusion and dark oppression. 

I have created a custom 52 Card Decks... not just any card deck!  Card decks created for "Inner Transformation"!  Use of these card decks will help you through your personal self discovery of mind renewing, toxic detoxification and personal transformation you will finally have the ability to have them available to you when you need them.  I want to give you an opportunity to experience them now FREE.  Click below to download 26 cards now! 

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